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Integrated Transport Solution Connecting Mines to Ports

Located in the Barracuda Zone of the town of Owendo, 21 kilometres from the capital of Libreville, the sprawling Mineral Port of Owendo spreads over 55 hectares of land partly reclaimed, directly linking the main rail line to Franceville at 646 km inland. In partnership with the French investment fund Méridiam, the port is a critical nexus point for minerals trade activity in the region, with integrated transport solutions connecting the nation’s mines to port infrastructure.

As an independent operator serving all mining operators, the port is equipped to guarantee the complete transport chain. By offering highly productive integrated logistics services, with a single government counter, the terminal increases the value of the nation’s minerals at highly competitive prices. The broad range of available services and transport modes, for both imports and exports, helps mining companies broaden their presence in regional and international markets.


  • 170-metre wharf for transshipment barges
  • Owendo/Libreville site total of 55 hectares
  • 21 km from the capital Libreville
  • 2 inland rail sidings
  • 20.6-km railway line


  • 6 self-propelled barges at 2,100 DWT each, anchorage at 2.5 NM from wharf, in the river estuary, geared handymax vessel suitable
  • 3 tug/flat barge units for coastal/inland transport


  • 38 locomotives with 1,450 wagons, each with an 80-tons capacity.

Key Advantages

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Complete Transport Services
  • Port import/export operations
  • Business port for all types of customers
  • End-to-end solutions for all expediting services
  • Transport and logistics
  • Customs clearance
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Record-breaking Productivity
  • Nonstop logistics service
  • Cutting-edge equipment
  • 3-4 day loading of 50,000-ton ship, a level of speed unlike anywhere else in Africa
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  • Comprehensive logistics solution, with a privileged access by sea, road and rail

By the Numbers


5.56 million metric tons

11% increase from 2020

RAIL IN 2021

5.18 million metric tons

16% increase from 2020

Daily loading rate

15,250 metric tons per day


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A multifunctional hub in a strategic location

Built in only 18 months and inaugurated in 2017, the New Owendo International Port was designed to significantly expand Gabon’s import-export capacity and provide shipping and industrial customers with modern infrastructure, interconnected with its sister facility, the Owendo Mineral Port. A public-private partnership between ARISE Ports & Logistics, STOA Infra & Energy and the Government of Gabon, the port is located at the heart of the Gulf of Guinea and serves as a veritable multifunctional hub in a strategic geographic location. The New Owendo International Port has its own logistics fleet with rail and river barge connections, operated by a dedicated team of 250 employees working around the clock and providing a high-level, continuous service.

Located in Owendo, 21 kilometres from the capital of Libreville, the port has a depth of 13 metres and is perfectly adapted to Panamax-type cargo ships with optimal conditions of productivity. The port terminal, which combines cutting-edge technology with an integrated line of logistics services, was designed for the transit of 4 million tons of shipments per year.


  • 21km from the capital Libreville
  • 500-metre-long and 13-metre deep dock
  • 4 yard gantry cranes
  • 5 palm-oil storage tanks with 10,500-KL capacity 2 grain silos with 10,000 tons of capacity
  • 2 grain silos with 10,000 tons of capacity
  • 2 weigh bridges with 80-tons capacity
  • 1 mobile scanner

Products handled



Palm oil







Key Advantages

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Large-scale infrastructure
  • A hub equipped to handle a global influx of ships operating in the Gulf of Guinea region
  • Gabon’s largest logistics fleet
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Gabon’s only deep draft multi-cargo handling port
  • Connected with road, rail and waterways
  • 24/7 operations
  • Own portside industrial area of 13 hectares
  • On dock CFS
  • 96 reefer points
  • Covered storage
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One stop solution
  • Integrated in-house service: Customs, Loading, Freight, Delivery, Sorting etc
  • A single intermediary: Arise Ports & Logistics
  • Complete fleet logistics
  • A one-stop administrative desk
  • A central customs desk handles our customers’ needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


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